Gun Photos: Sniper Rifle Round-Up

Get a look at the latest in ultra-precision rifles for designated marksmen, sharpshooters, scout-snipers or long-range shooting enthusiasts.

NAGR McMillan Bank of America

Video: Kelly McMillan Discusses Bank of America’s Anti-Gun Discrimination

In this video, National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) Executive Vice President Dudley Brown interviews Kelly McMillan about Bank of America’s refusal to do business with his company. McMillan is the director of operations for McMillan Group International, a manufacturer of firearms and accessories. For more background, click here to read Gun Digest‘s article...

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Does Bank of America Discriminate Against Gun Makers?

UPDATE: Click here to watch a video of Kelly McMillan discussing the Bank of America controversy. Arizona-based McMillan, which produces custom-made rifles, ammunition, gunstocks and other related gear, recently announced that the Bank of America had apparently stopped doing business with McMillan because it made and sold firearms. According to FoxNews, “Kelly McMillan, operations...

Gun Review: McMillan Tactical Hunter

Dave Morelli puts the McMillan Tactical Hunter through the paces at the range. Will this out-of-the-box hunting rifle live up to its accuracy promise?