Michigan Gun Laws

Michigan Open Carry Group Spreads Word on Gun Rights

Brian Jeffs, president of Michigan Open Carry Inc., leads a meeting regarding the right to carry arms openly. "If one chooses to carry a weapon in Michigan, one can do so without a license," Jeffs said. "There's no law that says it's illegal."

Campus Carry Proposed in Michigan

Despite the opposition of university officials, Michigan State Representative Wayne Schmidt (R-Traverse City) has introduced a bill, "that would prevent the state's public universities, colleges and community colleges from banning concealed weapons on campus," the Record-Eagle reported.

Jackson Area Police Receive Several Calls About Residents Carrying Sidearms

An apparent organized flexing of Second Amendment rights last weekend was a bit too Wild West for some local citizens and business owners. Police and deputies responded to a number of complaints about citizens packing sidearms at restaurants, stores and other public areas. None of the gun carriers was cited.