Gun Owner Calls Help Hotline, Gets Raided by SWAT

A depressed Army reservist who called a hotline for help says dozens of SWAT police responded by surrounding his home and arresting him, vandalizing and searching his place without a warrant, seizing his dog and killing his tropical fish. He had told the person on the hotline he was a gun owner.

NICS data reveals uptick in gun buying over holiday season.

Christmas Shoppers Bought Lots of Guns

During our most recent Holiday shopping period, American consumers set a record — for firearms purchased. This was based on FBI figures on background checks required to buy firearms.

U.S. Senators Richard Burr (R-NC).

The Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act Is Introduced

U.S. Senators Richard Burr (R-NC) and Jim Webb (D-VA), along with 10 other cosponsors, have introduced legislation to end the process through which, critics contend, the federal government arbitrarily strips veterans and other Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) beneficiaries of their Second Amendment rights.

50-year-old Article Outlines Real ‘Homeland Security’

I've always disliked the term Homeland Security, from the very first time I heard George Bush utter it in a national address. There's just something Motherland/Fatherland creepy about it, and the recent DHS reports on rightwing extremism and southbound weapons smuggling confirm the fascist touch that seems to accompany everything the federal government oversees.