Obama to Ban Garands

Backlash Against Obama’s Rifle Ban to Target Congress

A stealth plan by the Obama administration to classify hundreds of thousands of workhorse rifles used by the U.S. military and public alike as dangerous has prompted a grass-roots campaign to save the weapons, and a key U.S. senator has lent his voice to the effort.

Shooting Area sign

Shot Strings, No. 3

So I was cruising through my Facebook page looking for something interesting besides deer kills, and lo and behold, I came across a little gem someone had posted about hunters getting the heave-ho from public hunting grounds. The headline in the post of a U.S. News & World Report link read, “Obama Pushing Shooters...

Obama re-election sparks gun sales.

Obama Administration To Hold Gun Policy Meetings

The Obama administration has conducted informal discussions with groups from both ends of the gun-policy spectrum, including law enforcement and gun-rights organizations, and is set to hold formal meetings as early as this week in an effort to chart out a set of new firearms policies, administration officials say.

GOA: Obamacare Lies, Fraud, Bribes, Secrecy and Extortion to Hide Gun Control

1/9/10 Gun Rights: Gun Owners of America warns Obamacare moves us down the road towards socialism, and it will result in even more gun owners being disqualified from owning firearms. To hide the gun control contained in the legislation, Senators are resorting to lies, fraud, bribes, secrecy and extortion.

GOA: Obamacare is Anti-Gun

Gun Owners of America warns that passage or defeat of anti-gun Obamacare will depend on whether Senate Republicans pursue a smart or stupid strategy.

What Do Tuesday’s Elections Mean for Gun Owners?

Depending on who's doing the talking, we're supposed to look at yesterday's elections as either a troubling turn for president Obama, or irrelevant as far as being a referendum on Obama. Unless, of course, a conservative loses. Then it's a blow to the right.

Anti-gun ObamaCare Bill Coming to the House Floor Very Soon

We have reached the point in the battle over ObamaCare which will decide whether we win or lose. And even though a search of the bill will not reveal the word gun or firearm, that doesn't mean the bill is neutral in regard to your Second Amendment rights.

Gun Owners Win the Opening Battle on ObamaCare!

Gun owners stymied the shady tactics used by Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi to try to pass the ObamaCare bill and -- in the opening salvo of the battle, winning a huge vote Wednesday in the Senate.

Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Guns Exploits Crime to Push Agenda

Michael Bloomberg Mayors Against Illegal Guns a group boasting some 450 members including Seattle lame duck Mayor Greg Nickels has petitioned President Barack Obama to adopt several alleged reforms MAIG is pushing that sound suspiciously like a federal crackdown on gun shows.