Harrington and Richardson Superlight Handi-Rifle Compact

Youth Deer Guns, Setup No. 5

The Harrington & Richardson Superlight Handi-Rifle Compact is a well-designed fit for the youngest hunters, as well as one that's simple and safe to use.

Browning ShortTrac-MID-031219-l

Youth Deer Guns, Setup No. 4

Youth Deer Gun, Setup No. 4--Not all deer will walk under your treestand and let you take a poke at 25 yards. Nope, those "other" deer, better known as the mule deer of the western plains, require a much different rig than their skittish cousins of the hardwoods.


Video: Understanding Mils (Milliradians)

NSSF's Ryan Cleckner explains the measurement term "milliradian" (mil) and how to use a mil-dot scope to measure the distance to your target at the range and in the field.


Video: Understanding Minute of Angle

NSSF's Ryan Cleckner explains the measurement term "minute of angle" (MOA) and how to use MOA adjustments on your scope for sighting in and to compensate for bullet drop at varying distances.


Video: Set Up Your Scope for Success

The National Shooting Sports Foundation's (NSSF) Ryan Cleckner shows you how to properly set up your rifle and scope combination so that it naturally aligns with your eye.

Counterfeit Optics: Fake Eotechs Snagged at Border

Gun Digest the Magazine has reported, more than once, on warnings from firearms optics manufacturers that consumers needed to watch out for faked copies of their products. Recently, U.S. Customs snagged a shipment of these fakes, in this case counterfeit holographic sights, with a potential retail value of nearly a half million dollars.

Leupold warns of fakes.

Leupold Warns: Beware of Fake Scopes!

Optics manufacturer Leupold has issued a customer alert to purchasers of its products, particularly via Internet sales, regarding bogus Leupold products that are apparently being illegally imported from the People’s Republic of China.


Video Gun Review: Armalite SPR Mod 1

Tactical Gear Magazine editor Kevin Michalowski talks with Mark Westrom of Armalite at SHOT Show 2011 Media Day at the Range about the SPR Mod 1.