Oregon Gun Laws

Oregon State Senator Ted Ferrioli.

Health Insurance Survey Targets Gun Owners

Oregon State Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-Dist. 30) was upset over a survey distributed to state workers by managed care organization Kaiser Permanente. Ferrioli's beef? The survey asks about guns.


Is ATF Gun Running in Other States?

We have received multiple, credible reports that Oregon dealers are being pressured by ATF to make highly irregular and suspicious gun sales. It would appear to be Oregon's very own "Gunwalker" scandal.

Oregon to Re-Examine Campus Carry

After two recent lawsuits raised questions about the legality of state universities' bans on concealed handguns, the State Senate decided Wednesday to weigh in on the subject.

Oregon: Concealed Carry Records Controversy Continues

Currently, information about who has a concealed carry permit in Oregon is considered a public record. A bill to make that information confidential was passed by the Oregon House in May. Recently, though, the same bill did not receive a vote by the Oregon Senate, effectively killing it for this legislative session.

Private Cars Now Public Spaces

Gun owners in Oregon were recently dealt a defeat, when an Oregon Appeals Court ruled that a vehicle constitutes a public place.