Revolvers are still a perfectly viable option for self-defense.

Revolver Vs. Auto for CCW?

If you really want to start an argument you can tell your wife you are buying a motorcycle or you tell someone which handgun is best for concealed carry. Being single, I haven’t had a good argument in a long time, so maybe it is time to poke the hive by taking a look...

The Stainless Gold Match II by Kimber, one of the many 1911s featured in "1911: The First 100 Years" by Patrick Sweeney

Did You Win the 1911 Books Giveaway?

Thanks to everyone who entered to win the "100 Years of the 1911 Bundle." One thing's for sure - whether you own a Colt, Kimber, Springfield, Ruger, Metro Arms, Remington or Wilson Pro, you love your 1911s!

Concealed Carry is coming to Wisconsin

Residents of Wisconsin are no doubt aware that Gov. Scott Walker signed the Wisconsin Concealed Carry law in July. Right now the implementation of the law is in the rules phase and permits should be issued this fall; likely in October. So, get your ankle holsters ready. We will keep you posted on the...


Getting up to speed

The idea of carrying a firearm for self-defense is a big step that should not only include training and education, but also a good deal of self-reflection. Can you do it? Can you devote enough time to be good at it? Good enough to protect yourself both in a fight and legally? When can...


The N-Frame Smith & Wesson – Part 3

In the final installment of this series on the N-Frame Smith & Wesson revolver, the author takes a look at the .357 Highway Patrolman, .41 magnum, and other modern versions of the N-frame revolver.

The N-Frame S&W Revolver – Part I

The N-Frame Smith & Wesson revolver is available in configurations to suit just about every possible use. But at the end of the day, these big bore sixguns haven't changed that much since their introduction. That's true for one reason: They work.