What's In Your Bug-Out Bag?

Editor’s Pick: What’s In Your Bug-Out Bag?

What we like about What’s in Your Bug-Out Bag? is that it came from you, the average person — not some overrated tactical “professional” and definitely not a gas-masked ultra-paranoid on a TV show.

Adventure Survival Tin included in the Living Ready Basic Survival Kit

Editor’s Pick: Living Ready Basic Survival Kit

The recent events on the East Coast and the debacle left behind by Hurricane Sandy have brought the prepper mindset into sharp focus. That’s why I’ve picked our Living Ready Basic Survival Kit as this week’s editor’s choice.

Gun Quotes: Trust Your Bug-Out Gear?

Bug-Out Gear: False Sense of Security? “Lots of folks think they could throw a minimal pack on their back and disappear from civilization and live happily ever after. … An argument could be made that the wise woodsman could make a living following these folks and using what they left behind after they expire.—Dave...

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Video: Portable Ham Radio Activation on Colorado Summit

Video: Ham radio operator Matt, K0MOS activates a portable, emergency communications ham radio station atop Mount McConnell in Colorado. He demonstrates the ease with which amateur radio contacts are made with stations as far away as Wisconsin and Arkansas.


Field Day: Ham Radio Emergency Communications Exercise

On the fourth weekend in June, amateur (ham) radio operators from around the country and world converge on the air for Field Day, a tactical and emergency exercise designed to demonstrate the long-range communications capabilities of amateur (ham) radio.