Rare Firearms

Collecting Vietnam War Firearms

For ease of locating, this broad array of Vietnam War firearms have been divided into sub groupings by type. All the items here are available on the collector market, but some are much more difficult and expensive to obtain than others.

Five Guns I’ll Never Sell – Part I

When first smitten by the gun bug, and until one realizes he really wants to be a collector, our subspecies gathers a variety of pieces just because we like them. I have five guns I will never sell. I may someday decide to present them to a loved one, but never will I simply...

Highlights of Old Barn and Alderfer Auctions

Two recent firearm auctions - one the Old Barn Auction held June 26-27 in Findlay, Ohio and the Alderfer Auction held on July 20 in Hatfield, Pennsylvania - yielded strong sales, showing interest in firearms isn't waning. Here are highlights from these two gun auctions.

The Winchester 1886 - considered by many to be the greatest lever-action Winchester ever made. It is certainly the handsomest.

Restored To Life

At what point does a gun stop having serious collector value, and become more valuable as a candidate for restoration? Follow a Winchester 1886 from the dusty confines of the past to a whole new life.


This Gun Collecting Game

Gun collecting is easy, rewarding, educational and relaxing - and if you go about it right, it needn't be expensive.

Rock Island Auction Sees Strong Sales

Rock Island Auction reported strong sales at their June regional sale, with a 100% sell-through rate and $2.1 million in sales. Over 2100 lots were offered that contained over 4200 firearms.

Winchester: The Collector’s Choice

When one decides to become a collector of Winchesters, he is entering a world where, most think, stiff competition is everywhere. This isn't always true; it all depends what Winchesters a person decides to collect.