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Gun Digest Reloading Video Series – Episode 4: Primers

What is the difference between a large rifle primer and a magnum large rifle primer? Can you use magnum primers in standard cartridges and vice versa? These are among the topics discussed in Episode 4 of Gun Digest's Reloading Series with Philip Massaro.

Speer Gold Dot Hunting Cartridge

“ABCs of Reloading” Tops a Table Centerpiece

Based on the comments for the latest book giveaway, there are a few among us who have won some pretty great prizes, but a bunch more made me feel a whole lot better about my cooler collection.


Book Giveaway: ABCs of Reloading

Entries for the book giveaways have provided some great comments about the guns we know and love, and even more fun are some of the responses we get from the winners of the books.

Want to save more than 60% on ammo?

According to C. Rodney James, editor of the latest edition of The ABCs of Reloading: “There are at least five good reasons for embarking on the journey of reloading. First is economy.  Someone who has come to enjoy the sport of shooting soon discovers that the cost of factory ammunition has become almost prohibitive....