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Glass-Breaking Video: M.A.K.-1 & Extrik-8-R Rescue Tools

In this video from Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT), the M.A.K.-1 and Extrik-8-R are put through some glass-breaking tests. What do you think of the design of these rescue tools? Leave your comments below. Tactical Gear Recommends: BLACKHAWK! Hook Serrated Simple, portable and effective are words to describe the BLACKHAWK! Hook Serrated rescue...

Paratach Buster Tactical Gear

Gear Review: Two Breaching Tools

The goal in any active shooter situation is to get in and stop the shooter as quickly as possible to end the killing. Once the shooter is stopped your team can safely clear the building and bring in medical. But the top priority is to get inside and get in the fight. If you...