Shall-Issue Carry

Pike County Illinois forced to consider Constitutional Carry.

Pike County, Illinois: Constitutional Carry Could be on The Spring Ballot

In Pike County, Illinois, Dan Mefford, a chiropractor from Pittsfield, has begun a movement to get a constitutional carry referendum on the election ballot for March of 2012. If successful, such a ballot referendum, “could lead to the state being forced to recognize this right as well, and to expand it to include the...

California politicans want to carry guns and ban them for everybody else.

California: Concealed Carry For Politicians, But Not For The People

A California State Senate Committee has been considering a proposal to give a concealed carry permit to, “any applicant who is a member of Congress, a statewide elected official or a Member of the Legislature.” These elected officials could carry a gun, “for purposes of protection or self-defense.”