Shotshell Reloading

According to the author, there are important differences between steel and lead shotshell components. Always use the proper components.

True or Not? Shotshell Reloading Myths Dispelled

Whether the results you get from shotshell reloading are "good" or "bad" depends on what you were trying to do. In "ABCs of Reloading," author C. Rodney James points out several problems that you can't blame on the loads, and goes on to dispel a few "false notions and home truths" about shotguns and...

Gun Digest Book of Green Shooting: Non-Toxic Ammunition for Shotguns, Rifles & Handguns

Reloading Shotgun Shells: With Non-Toxics, Stick to the Load Data

If you are already familiar with the basics of reloading, you probably know that non-toxic loads are a little different in composition – in the load data or recipe – and that you can never simply substitute ingredients. Find out what's available in non-toxic shotshell loads, how they perform, keys to successful reloading for...

Essentials of Reloading

Performance-Enhancing Loads: Reload Your Own to Get What You Need

Accuracy is often listed among the top three reasons for reloading your own ammunition. Handloading ammunition allows you to customize loads to draw the maximum degree of accuracy from your gun, and to tailor the loads to your needs for a particular hunt or competition.

Cartridge comparison poster

Ammunition Reloading: Get It Right With A Cartridge Poster

If your ammunition reloading activities lead you to load similar calibers, extra caution is needed to keep the cases, loaded ammunition and, in some instances, bullets separate. A poster with full-size images of cartridges can help you get it right the first time.

Speer Gold Dot Hunting Cartridge

“ABCs of Reloading” Tops a Table Centerpiece

Based on the comments for the latest book giveaway, there are a few among us who have won some pretty great prizes, but a bunch more made me feel a whole lot better about my cooler collection.


Book Giveaway: ABCs of Reloading

Entries for the book giveaways have provided some great comments about the guns we know and love, and even more fun are some of the responses we get from the winners of the books.

Shotshell Pressure: How to Avoid Trouble

One hears about several types of pressure, but for handloading there is only one pressure that you truly need to understand, service pressure. Service pressure is the maximum pressure in pounds per square inch (psi) below which you can safely operate your particular shotgun and above which you can anticipate trouble.