Sniper Rifle

Israel Weapons Industries has introduced its new sniper rifle, the DAN .338 a .338 Lupua Magnum.

IWI Introduces Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Israel Weapons Industries continues to make plenty of waves in the tactical world. Its most recent, a new bolt-action sniper rifle, is a marked break from the company's previous precision platforms.

A magazine-fed bolt-action sniper rifle.

Building a Magazine-Fed Sniper Rifle

A removable magazine on a sniper rifle provides one more level of versatility in the field. Magazine-fed rifles allow for faster reloads and for the quick selection of different rounds as the mission dictates. These are good options to have and you are starting to see them appear on rifles like the Ruger Scout...

Gun Review: McMillan Tactical Hunter

Dave Morelli puts the McMillan Tactical Hunter through the paces at the range. Will this out-of-the-box hunting rifle live up to its accuracy promise?