Supreme Court

SAF Sues Chicago Over Gun Range Prohibition

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) today filed a lawsuit in federal court against the City of Chicago’s new gun ordinance, asserting that “by banning gun ranges open to the public…under color of law,” the city is depriving citizens of their right to keep and bear arms in violation of the Second Amendment to the...


U.S. Senate Confirms Anti-gun Radical to the Supreme Court

After reviewing Ms. Kagan's record and testimony at her confirmation hearing, the GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA concluded that, 'The available evidence portrays her as a forceful advocate of restrictive gun laws and driven by political considerations rather than rule of law.'" -- Sen. John Thune (R-SD), August 5, 2010

NRA Will Argue in Second Amendment Case

1/27/10 Gun Rights: The Supreme Court this morning granted a motion by the National Rifle Association for argument time March 2, when the justices will consider whether the Second Amendment individual right to bear arms applies against state and local restrictions on firearms in the case of McDonald v. City of Chicago.