How to control fear

How to Control Fear in a Survival Situation

Go ahead, buy all the gear you want. But if you don't know how to control fear, all the fancy knives and freeze-dried chemistry in the world won't make a bit of different. You'll be too out of yourself to use them.

The Savage 110 Tactical .308 Carbine is a five-shot bolt gun that would do for long-range defense, though it is limited in capacity and speed.  Factory equipped with an Army Digital Camo stock, the Carbine is shown with a Vortex scope and bipod. The tactical carbine is lighter than many sniper rifles currently available.

Is There a “Best Survival Gun” For Home Defense?

When preparing for emergencies and survival situations, many of us will rely on firearms purchased for other purposes, such as hunting, target or informal recreational shooting, or defense of home or self during “normal” times. If you're thinking about the security resources you'd like to have on hand in not-so-unlikely survival situations, keep in...

Kelly Kettle

Kelly Kettle: The Best Boiler You’ve Never Heard of Before

When you’re cold, wet, tired and in the elements, hot water for tea, coffee or cooking is good. But hot water quickly is much, much better. And there’s not much out there that boils water in the field more quickly or efficiently than the Kelly Kettle.

Juicing Tips - In Action

Juicing Tips for the Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

Power juicers aren't the first gadget that come to mind when considering the Living Ready lifestyle. Here are some juicing tips that should help anyone interested in self-sufficiency.


What Do You Think About the President’s Gun Plan?

  On Jan. 16, President Barack Obama unveiled 23 executive orders and a four-point legislative plan as part of a package of gun control measures. They reflected the results of firearms discussions led by the White House after the Sandy Hook mass murders. The firearms community hasn’t stopped talking since, and neither have many...