This Online Course from Living Ready University provides secrets from globe-trotting journalist Vincent Zandri on how to travel safely far from home.

Travel Safely Outside the Country

Check out these in-depth resources from Living Ready University on how to travel safely while far from home, including disasters, health and lots more.


Share This: Guide to the Best Firewood

Here's a guide to the best firewood for heating, cooking and smoking. Explore the best firewood by pounds/cord, heat rating, smoke fragrance and more.

Here are five good reasons to butcher deer yourself.

5 Reasons to Butcher Deer Yourself

Thinking of sending that deer to a processor? Here are five reasons to butcher deer yourself for the best venison possible. Butchering deer is rewarding.


6 Tips for Fire Prevention Month

October is Fire Prevention Month. Use these six tips to quickly make your home safer and drastically reduce the chances of a fire.