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Russian Saiga Semi-Auto Shotgun

Video Gun Review: Russian Saiga Semi-Auto Shotgun

Dave Morelli reviews the Russian-made Izhmash Saiga semi-automatic shotgun. Morelli discusses how to modify the shotgun to accept aftermarket mags and optics, plus ATF rules to consider when upgrading the Saiga. Coming soon a full article review of this tactical shotgun. Recommended Resources for Gunsmithing Gunsmithing with Patrick SweeneyCD Gunsmithing Semi-Automatic PistolsCD Gunsmithing the...

Springfield Armory M-25 Whitefeather

Gun Review: Springfield Armory’s M-25 Whitefeather

Morelli tests the Springfield Armory M-25 Whitefeather. The adjustable stock makes for quick and easy changes to eye alignment when moving from one shooting position to another.   Although the stereotype of a sniper rifle or precision marksman rifle usually brings a bolt-action gun to mind, there are many semi-auto platforms available. The AR...