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Video Gun Review: McMillan TAC-308

It was 1973 when Gale McMillan started producing stocks for his own use in benchrest competition. He soon started making them for other shooters as well. Today, the company has evolved to a high quality stock and custom rifle manufacturer that carries a well-known and respected brand name in both the hunting and tactical...

Russian Saiga Semi-Auto Shotgun

Video Gun Review: Russian Saiga Semi-Auto Shotgun

Dave Morelli reviews the Russian-made Izhmash Saiga semi-automatic shotgun. Morelli discusses how to modify the shotgun to accept aftermarket mags and optics, plus ATF rules to consider when upgrading the Saiga. Coming soon a full article review of this tactical shotgun. Recommended Resources for Gunsmithing Gunsmithing with Patrick SweeneyCD Gunsmithing Semi-Automatic PistolsCD Gunsmithing the...

Springfield Armory M-25 Whitefeather

Gun Review: Springfield Armory’s M-25 Whitefeather

Morelli tests the Springfield Armory M-25 Whitefeather. The adjustable stock makes for quick and easy changes to eye alignment when moving from one shooting position to another.   Although the stereotype of a sniper rifle or precision marksman rifle usually brings a bolt-action gun to mind, there are many semi-auto platforms available. The AR...