Jessie Harrison-Duff

Jessie Harrison-Duff Is New Captain for Taurus Shooting Team

Taurus recently announced that Pro Shooter Jessie Harrison-Duff was its new Shooting Team Captain. Harrison-Duff (formerly Jessie Abbate) has earned 22 National and 19 World Champion shooting titles, in 5 different shooting disciplines, including the prestigious Bianchi Cup and the World Speed Shooting Championships.  She also ranked in numerous regional and state champion matches...

The Taurus PLY .25 Auto.

Review: The Taurus .25 PLY

Always bring a gun to a gunfight. That's just one reason why someone would want to pack this newly-designed PT .25 PLY auto from Taurus.

Gun Review: Taurus PT 24/7 OSS DS

When Taurus originally came out with the 24/7 line, everyone talked about the ergonomics, light weight and wonderful grip.  Now the 24/7 OSS DS offers all these features plus a longer barrel and sight radius and the new double strike feature lets you simply pull the trigger again on a misfire.

Gun Review: Taurus Judge

The Taurus Judge can be both a .410 shotgun or a .45 Colt. Is it a self-defense arm or side-kick for hunting and camping trips? You be the judge.