If escape is not an option, fall back on your concealed carry sidearm and training.

Concealed Carry: Survive a Terror Attack

Recent terror attacks in France, Canada and Australia underscore our reasons to be more vigilant, more aware and as prepared as possible should mayhem break out. For many Americans, a key component of that vigilance translates into practicing concealed carry (CC).

Journalists, policemen, and emergency services in the street of the shooting, a few hours after the January 2015 attack. Photo by Thierry Caro

Terrorism: One More Reason to Carry

There is a lot to be concerned about when it comes to terrorism and the manner in which many recent terror acts have been carried out around the globe. Concealed carry is a practical solution.

Spotting terrorists through body language

The Right Way to Spot a Terrorist: Body Language

In this age of terrorism, society wrestles with how to combat the threat. As a result, the public is poked, prodded, sniffed and X-rayed as they move about the country and abroad. The average citizen often feels confused, helpless, and not part of his or her own defense effort. Public service announcements suggest to...