Vermont-Style Carry

Left to right: Senator Kit Jennings, Governor Matt Mead, Rep. Lorraine Quarberg, Rep. Allen Jaggi, WyGO Director Anthony Bouchard, NAGR Director Dudley Brown

Wyoming 4th State to Pass Constitutional Carry

On Wednesday March 2nd 2011, Governor Mead signed Constitutional Carry into law while saying his office had been clogged with emails and phone calls from people demanding he sign the Jennings-Jaggi Constitutional Carry bill.

No Permit Concealed Carry Will Cost Revenues

A bill that is working its way through the South Carolina state legislature could eliminate concealed weapons permit requirements and cost the state millions of dollars in lost permit fees.

Kentucky: The Next No Permit Concealed Carry State?

A Kentucky lawmaker is drafting a bill that would let gun owners carry concealed weapons without any special permit. Kentucky has issued concealed carry permits since 1996, but only after a gun owner completed a training course and passed a test. As you might expect, this new law is drawing...