Washington Gun Laws

The Reasonable Man Behind the Seattle Gun Ban Lawsuit

Bob Warden is the Seattle man who's currently challenging the city's gun ban. Two weeks ago he was ordered out of the Southwest Community Center after walking in with a .40 caliber Glock strapped to his side. Today he filed a lawsuit against the city.

Seattle Gun Ban Lawsuit Could Have National Implications

The outcome of a long-awaited lawsuit filed Oct. 28 against the City of Seattle and Mayor Greg Nickels to overturn the city’s illegal gun ban could have national implications because several other states have modeled their firearms preemption laws after the Washington State statute that is at the center of the Seattle case.

Public Against Seattle Gun Ban

Public reaction to a proposed ban on firearms at Seattle park facilities was decidedly negative, with 96 percent of the people weighing in on the idea turning thumbs down.

Seattle Mayor Admitted State Law Forbids Gun Ban

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels is asserting that he has the authority to skirt Washington State's long-standing firearms preemption statute, but in a 2006 letter to House Speaker Frank Chopp, he admitted that state law prevents him from taking any such action.