where disaster strikes


Video: Could a Solar Storm Shut Down the Power Grid?

    The Weather Channel video above shows recent solar storms on the surface of the Sun. According to this article, such storms will only increase into 2013. This could spell disaster for power grids across the planet. What are the odds? Pretty good, astronomically speaking: Some U.S. experts estimate as much as a...

Desert survival starts with being prepared

Where Disaster Strikes: Desert Survival Situations

  There’s a tendency to think disasters happen on large scales, but that’s not true. The geographic scope of an event doesn’t matter when you consider it’s individuals who experience them. To that individual, a local disaster may as well be the whole world. Which is why it’s important to remember desert survival situations,...

2012 New England Blackouts video

Where Disaster Strikes – Northeast Power Outages

DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG As this video from MyFoxDC.com shows, disasters inflict an emotional toll on those who survive them. It’s one thing to experience a power outage after a devastating storm. It’s another to wait through extreme heat for electricity to be restored. Nerves will be fried. It’s...