Shooting the Widowmaker: the Winchester Model 1911

Probably the least-collected pre-’64 Winchester shotgun is the Model 1911 Self Loader, also known affectionately (?) as the Widowmaker. For those of you who came in late, the M1911 was Winchester’s attempt to knock off the Browning Auto-5. When John Browning and Winchester couldn’t come to terms on Browning’s new autoloading shotgun — Winchester...

Winchester 94: Receivers

In this excerpt from the newly-released The Winchester Model 94, A Century of Craftsmanship, 2nd Edition, author Robert C. Renneberg states, "The Model 1894 incorporated a newly designed action in a light, thin-walled frame (receiver) that was quite revolutionary." 

Winchester: The Collector’s Choice

When one decides to become a collector of Winchesters, he is entering a world where, most think, stiff competition is everywhere. This isn't always true; it all depends what Winchesters a person decides to collect.