World War II


Marines vs. Roman Army: Could the Devil Dogs Win?

Could a single Marine Expeditionary Unit of 2200 warriors armed with state-of-the-art firearms take down the entire 330,000-man army of the Roman Empire? For a student of military firearm history it’s an intriguing question.

The stock and rail are installed and the wood is showing off its grain a bit. (Below) An image from the rear quarter shows the whole assembly, rail, stock, and dot

Gunsmithing: Can You Improve the M-1 Carbine?

There are two schools of thought on the M-1 Carbine. Neither involves lots of work on the gun. While the Carbine been denigrated for lack of stopping power, inaccuracy, and an anthropomorphic lack of small round things, it has a lot going for it and, yes, it can even be improved.