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Ben Sobieck is an online editor for Gun Digest, Living Ready, Tactical Gear and BLADE. His interests include hunting, knives and current events issues.

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Video: How to Make an Earthen Oven

In this homesteading video from Stacy Harris, learn how to make an earthen oven for cooking and baking food outdoors. Click here to watch now.

A “threat map” details the hazards in your area. It helps choose evacuation routes and a rendezvous point. - See more at:

How to Make a Threat Map

Click here to read how to make a "threat map." A threat map identifies hazards in your area. It helps evacuate you safely during a disaster.


How to Clean a Wild Turkey

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Busting Myths About Flood Insurance

Is flood insurance right for you? Will disaster aid cover what you'd need anyway? Why are rates going up so much? Click here to find out.


Photos: Tips for Bug-Out Locations

Here are some tips for a bug-out location that will improve efficiency and sufficiency during a crisis. Photos detail water, hygiene and bedding tips.