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Blue Book of Gun ValuesSpecial Offer: 33% OFF 36th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values

The 36th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values contains more than 2,500 pages and thoroughly updated gun values for modern, antique, and discontinued firearms, in addition to new domestic and imported 2015 makes and models. Also included is the 80-page color Photo Percentage Grading System (PPGS), which helps identify firearms’ condition factors, an essential component of determining any gun’s value. Discover descriptions for almost 30,000 gun models, coverage of more than 1,500 gun manufacturers, and over 180,000 gun prices! Click here

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Firearm Values Print Books

2016 Standard Catalog of FirearmsGun Digest offers many industry-standard gun pricing books. You can order them directly from the publisher through at a great price. Here are the most popular books Gun Digest offers.

2016 Standard Catalog of Firearms – Now in its 26th edition, this must-have firearm values book contains 26,000 listings. Careful: It’s heavy!

36th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values – This comprehensive book has so much information, it’s become its own verb. If you’ve never “Bluebooked it” before, you will after picking up a copy.

The Official Gun Digest Book of Guns & Prices, 10th Edition – Need something more portable for carrying around at gun shows? The “little red book” is for you. It packs listings of 15,000 firearms into a convenient book.

Firearm Values Digital Downloads

Don’t have time for a big print book? Download only the information you need. offers PDFs for the following brands:


Digital downloads of’s best firearm values books are also available:

The Official Gun Digest Book of Guns & Prices, 10th Edition PDF

2015 Standard Catalog of Firearms, 25th Edition PDF

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  • Find firearm values for every gun under the sun, organized by condition from the Standard Catalog of Firearms
  • 110,000 listings
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