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Ben Sobieck is an online editor for Gun Digest, Living Ready, Tactical Gear and BLADE. His interests include hunting, knives and current events issues.


Tornado Survival Tips

Use these tornado survival tips to stay one step ahead of the storm. Includes link to free tornado survival app, family preparation ideas and more.


Video: How to Make Fire Straws

Watch this video to learn how to make fire straws. Make your own fire straws for a portable, waterproof source of tinder for survival kits.


Checklist: Summer Survival Kit

Click here for a checklist on what to include in a summer survival kit. A summer survival kit focuses on staying alive in hot weather or climates. Read more


Let’s Make a List: Best Survival Guns

Here are the best survival guns, determined using five critical factors, including the best survival rifle, best survival shotgun & best survival handguns.

2015-08-17 15_11_04-Disturbing Food Poisoning Facts _ Living Ready Online

Disturbing Food Poisoning Facts

Check out this infographic full of disturbing food poisoning facts. Also includes resources for some easy DIY methods of avoiding food poisoning. Eat up!