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Ben Sobieck is an online editor for Gun Digest, Living Ready, Tactical Gear and BLADE. His interests include hunting, knives and current events issues.


Gun Shows November 2013

Recommended Gun Show Resources for Gun Collectors: 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, 23nd Edition Ultimate Collectible Firearms Value Pack Gun Digest 2013, 67th Edition Find Instant Firearm Values Information » Nov 1-3 IN, Evansville. Gun & Knife Show. Nat’l. Guard Armory, 3300 Division St.. corner of Lloyd Expressway & Vann Ave.. SH: Fri. 1pm-5pm,...

flash flood video

Video: This is How Fast a Flash Flood Hits

This video of a flash flood, originally posted at, shows a flash flood in Virgin, Utah. Note the speed of the flash flood as it shoots through the dry stream bed. The sheer volume of water rushing by in the latter minutes shows the power of the flood. That’s why it rooted up...

3 Reasons Not to Buy a Gas Mask

3 Reasons to Not Buy a Gas Mask

Gas masks, the emblem of the survivalist, are impractical for preppers in North America and offer a false sense of security to those who buy them. Israel: Where Gas Masks are Policy If there’s any place on Earth that knows about gas masks in survival situations, it’s Israel. The Israeli government has on many...

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Grill

Survival Gear: Don’t Let It Kill You

  Even if this image, found on this thread, isn’t true, it brings up a good point. Having the right gear is important. But it’s even more imperative to know how to use it. The example above might be hard to read, so here’s the rundown. A couple out camping used a portable...

Sharpen a Knife Anywhere

Video: How to Sharpen a Knife Anywhere

If you remember anything about knife sharpening, let it be this: A harder surface can sharpen a softer surface. Find a material harder than your knife, and it’s possible to hone an edge. As this video points out, common materials can be used for knife sharpening in a pinch. Car windows, rocks, other knives...

Gun Digest the Magazine September 10 2012

Gun Digest the Magazine September 10, 2012

  Gun Digest is the source for firearms news, pricing and guns for sale. With a subscription to Gun Digest, readers benefit from in-depth editorial expert advice, show reviews, how-to instructions and Second Amendment issues. Click here to download this issue as a PDF from Inside This Issue * Steyr’s Pro African big-game...


Video: Could a Solar Storm Shut Down the Power Grid?

    The Weather Channel video above shows recent solar storms on the surface of the Sun. According to this article, such storms will only increase into 2013. This could spell disaster for power grids across the planet. What are the odds? Pretty good, astronomically speaking: Some U.S. experts estimate as much as a...