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C. RODNEY JAMES has been a shooter and reloader for more than forty years. Rodney’s technical and historical articles have appeared in Gun Digest, Handloader's Digest, Guns Illustrated, Shooter's Bible, Guns Magazine and AFTE Journal, the publication of the Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners. He is the author of the 6th and 9th Editions of The ABCs of Reloading.

Winchester 9410 and Model 42 .410

Rethinking the Power of the .410

  For those who think of the .410 as a weak sister to heavier gauges, this is not the case. Lethality Penetration tests in plywood sheets and water cartons yielded travel equal to buckshot from a 20-inch 12-gauge riot gun barrel at the same distance. The main difference between the 00 Buckshot and No....

Brass Basics: Case Selection and Prep

When buying cartridge cases for reloading, the first thing you want to be sure of is that you have the right one for your gun. This article will teach you how to approach case selection, case headstamps, case cleaning and storage.