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M.D. Johnson is an outdoors writer who has published articles at numerous publications as one half of M&J Outdoors. He's authored several books about the outdoors, including "Successful Duck Hunting" and "Guide to Pheasant Hunting."

Considering the price of barrels versus the price of a rifle in another caliber, the Rossi Wizard is a great choice for a shooter that wants to shoot a variety of calibers on a budget.

Gun Review: The Rossi Wizard

Gun review of the versatile Rossi Wizard, a unique multi-gun you can change from .22LR to .243 to .50 caliber muzzleloader!

22 Long Rifle Ammunition

.22LR: The Best Survival Ammunition?

Let me make my case for the .22 Long Rifle (.22LR) as the ultimate survival choice in terms of rifle cartridges. What does the .22LR have going for it that would make someone even consider it as a survival choice, let alone the best all-round?