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Walt Hampton is a retired wildlife biologist and gunsmith and has been writing for outdoor publications since 1990. Send your questions to him at: or write him at: 341 Horse Ford Lane, Independence, VA 24348. For a signed, first edition copy of Walt's book, Tales From Buck Mountain, send $20 to the address above. Be sure to include your mailing address. All proceeds from his book sales now go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Precision is a key in working up varmint loads.

Reloading .22-Caliber Centerfire Cartridges

Reloading .22-caliber centerfire cartridges requires precision, but the attention to detail pays off in the field. Accurately loaded cartridges can make your next varmint hunt -- whether it be squirrel, woodchuck or coyote -- a blast.

Hornady Superformance & Heavy Mag

Shotgun Ammo Rundown 2013

Check out these great new loads for scatterguns and slugsters - five ammo choices sure to accomplish any task asked of your shotgun.

Taking time, understanding the process and having the right equipment are all important factors in reloading.

3 Tips to Handload Ammo the Right Way

With the current ammunition shortages we are experiencing, more shooters are breaking into the handloading world like never before. If you’re not already among them, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Here are a few suggestions to get you started on the right foot.

Handloading for semi-auto handguns.

Handloading for the Semi-Auto Handgun

Like any reloading project, building rounds for a semi-automatic pistol has its own set of challenges. Semi-autos have tight tolerances, but many of its bugaboos can be avoided by reloading for accuracy and reliability, not maximum velocity.

Best loads for deer hunting.

Choosing the Best Deer Loads

In the course of deer hunting over fifty years, Walt Hampton has seen a few deer get shot. Here are his favorite deer loads.

Guns are Portals into History

Guns are Portals into History

For an inanimate object, a gun can be one hell of a storehouse of memories. A gun with proper care can last several lifetimes and during those years as it is passed between family members or friends and is touched or used by various people it becomes woven into the fabric of our lives. ...

Gun Collecting Tips: Factors that Affect Ammunition Performance

Gun Collecting Tips: 4 Factors that Affect Ammunition Performance

A round that doesn’t go bang like it is supposed to can define heartbreak and disappointment for any operator, but it’s especially true for gun collectors. Operable firearms are the crux of many collections. And that starts with good ammunition performance. Here are four factors that affect ammunition performance. (Tip: You’ll want to test...