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The late Jerry Ahern specialized in firearms-related literature. He is well-known for his concealed carry books and countless published articles. He also served as president of a major firearms company and designed a popular line of concealed-carry holsters.

The Kimber SIS is one of the best looking .45 automatics on the planet and proof that looks don’t have to be only skin deep. The pistol is also a great shooter.

CCW: Revolver or Autoloader?

Should the armed citizen carry an autoloader, revolver ... or both? There are advantages to each type of firearm, so if you carry concealed, don't overlook these options.

Skin Deep: You Can’t Judge a Gun By Its Profile

Assigning good and bad labels, en masse, to individuals or groups of individuals is among the penultimate examples of faulty logic; but, to label inanimate objects as intrinsically virtuous or evil is colossally stupid.