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About John T. Amber

John T. Amber was the Editor of the Gun Digest annual book from the 1951 through 1979 editions, and served as Editor Emeritus from the 1980 through 1986 editions.

The 28 gauge Darne has a “silvered” action, the stronger 10 gauge (rear) has a black receiver. One is the best-handling quail or grouse gun imaginable; the big bore is also light and lively enough for carrying many a mile without tiring the shooter.

The Darne Gun

Despite little advertising and less fanfare, the makers of this unique, handsome and elegant double gun have sold nearly a half-million of them throughout the world. They must be doing something right!


Russia’s Red Forest

In this classic article from the 1980 Gun Digest, editor John T. Amber pursues Russia's red deer - and some interesting Russian arms - in the Red Forest.


This Gun Collecting Game

Gun collecting is easy, rewarding, educational and relaxing - and if you go about it right, it needn't be expensive.