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Kevin Michalowski is the former Senior Editor of Gun Digest the Magazine and Tactical Gear Magazine.

Don't just shoot. Train

Are you sharpening CCW skills?

If you carry a concealed weapon you need to hone your skills on a regular basis. Dave Fessenden's book "Defensive Handgun Skills" will help you do that.


Look For The Perfect Fit

Your concealed carry handgun should fit your hand. We can have long and drawn out debates about which make, model and caliber of handgun is the “best”, but the reality is that your pistol needs to fit. You will never really able to shoot your pistol to the best of your ability if the...

Everyone Likes a Double Duty Holster

Yes, I have said before you should carry your concealed firearm in the same place every time you strap up. While that is the best plan, it is not always possible. Sometimes you have to make adjustments. That’s when it is nice to have a concealed carry holster that does double duty. The Pocket-Tuk...

No matter your concealed carry gun or holster combination, you must practice with it.

Save Money When You Practice

One of the key elements of being effective with your concealed carry handgun is building the muscle memory you need to automatically function in a high-stress environment. The other elements include proper mindset and situational awareness, but we will talk about those later. Right now it’s all about practice. Those with a cynical view...

The Kimber Solo is a fantastic concealed carry gun.

Going Solo: Kimber’s New Concealed Carry Pistol Rocks!

I had the chance to shoot Kimber’s new 9mm Solo concealed carry pistol yesterday and I am impressed! Accuracy, reliability, power and the classic Kimber quality combine to make a great little pistol. This is everything you could want in a small 9mm. For a full review of this excellent gun, check out the...

Nate Squared Tactical makes a great IWB concealed carry holster you can wear all day.

Comfort and Concealment: You can have both!

I just had the chance to look over and try on a new holster from Nate Squared Tactical. This inside the waistband concealed carry holster is not just the best of “both” worlds, it is the best of several worlds: Comfort, concealment, retention, adaptability. This line of holsters has a lot to offer. The...

Galco Doubletime

Video: Galco Doubletime Holster Offers Two Carry Options

Editor Kevin Michalowski takes a close look at the Galco Doubletime Holster. This concealed carry holster offers options inside or outside the waistband. Michalowski demonstrates both, as well as how to convert from one to the other. Here’s a tip: You’ll need a bottle of clear nail polish.       Learn About Concealed...


Nikon M-223 Scope: A Match Made in Heaven?

Nikon is jumping into the AR market with both feet. The new M-223 scope line offers classic Nikon quality, built into scopes (six models in all) specifically designed for the trajectory of the .223 Rem/5.56 NATO round with a 55-grain polymer-tipped bullet, the new BDC 600 reticle offers shooters unique open-circle aiming points and...

135_Suppression Holster- Black_bck_frnt

New Concealed Carry Holster Stays Sweet

You know that toting a concealed carry handgun, especially one in a concealed carry holster that rides close to your body, in the heat of the summer can become a sweaty proposition. The new Model  135 Suppression holster from Bianchi features an inside-the-waistband design that is all about concealibility and comfort. Concealibility is obtained...