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Given their usefulness in close quarters and urban environments, the shotgun is becoming a more popular tactical tool.

Defensive Use of Tactical Shotguns

When it comes to shotguns, there has been a marked turn toward home-defense. Here's a few points about taking up the defensive shotgun for the protection of yourself, home or office.

Century Arms Centurion AK-47

Centurion AK-47: A Classic Comes Home

Different from all other AK-47 variants manufactured in other countries, the Centurion is assembled with American-made parts making it  unique in the long list of examples of the most-produced rifle in the history of firearms. Previous wars have proven that any peasant with no education can learn how to use the AK-47 within an...


Gun Review: Remington R1 1911

Back in the game, Remington returns to the 1911 with the R1. Save for the sights and a few bright metal areas at the muzzle and trigger, the R1 is a dead ringer for that first 1911 the Doughboys carried to WWI.