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Mark Kakkuri is a nationally published freelance journalist and avid outdoorsman. He has over 20 years of professional writing experience, a bachelor's degree in communications, and blogs at

Glock 30S.

The Glock 30S for Concealed Carry

Comfortable to carry and packing 10+1 rounds of .45 ACP, the Glock 30S is the latest member of the Glock line-up. It packs the ultimate punch in a concealable package.

Handgun Review: HK P2000 SK

Handgun Review: HK P2000 SK

Looking for a really good feeling sub-compact in the luxury pistol department? The HK P2000 SK may be your gun.

Handgun Review of the FNH FNX 9mm.

Handgun Review: FNH FNX 9mm

In this Gun Digest handgun review, Mark Kakkuri reviews the FNH FNX 9mm - an American-made pistol from a venerable European gunmaker.

Glock 19 before the customization

How to Customize a Glock for $200

In 2010, the Glock 19 was Glock’s best selling gun, commercially. Now in its fourth generation and still widely regarded for its reliability and durability the midsize 19 remains a very popular choice for concealed carry, target shooting at the range, and home defense. The differences between the four generations of Glock 19s include...

The Taurus PLY .25 Auto.

Review: The Taurus .25 PLY

Always bring a gun to a gunfight. That's just one reason why someone would want to pack this newly-designed PT .25 PLY auto from Taurus.


Glock Generation 4 Review

Ask virtually any handgun enthusiast to describe a Glock pistol and you’ll invariably hear words such as simple, reliable, and rugged. With Glock's insatiable quest for perfection, the Gen 4 redesign acheived what we all thought was impossible: An improvement on that legendary perfection.

Auctions: What Sells & What Auction Houses Look For

With the firearms industry still enjoying the residual effects of the sales frenzy that started with the election of Barack Obama, firearms auctioneers generally report good overall sales in the firearms auctions business despite a struggling economy. The items that sell in firearms auctions, however, are not typical of what's selling across the firearms...