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Max Prasac is the author of Big-Bore Revolvers and The Gun Digest Book of Ruger Revolvers. He is a member of Handgun Hunters International, life member of the North American Hunt Club, and a life member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Max writes a column for Boar Hunter and Bear Hunting magazines, and is an occasional contributor to NRA publications.

The LCR taken down.

An Inside Look at the Ruger LCR

The space-age LCR is Ruger’s latest revolver, one that’s a marvel in design and modern materials. The letters LCR stands for “Lightweight Compact Revolver.”

Smith & Wesson’s foray into really big-bore revolvers came with the introduction of the double-action X-frame. This one is chambered in the high-velocity .460 Smith & Wesson Magnum.

Revolver Selection, Understanding Your Needs

Whether it's hunting or self-defense, there is a revolver that will fit your needs. But before you make a choice between the slew of revolvers out there, you need to figure out exactly how you plan on using your wheelgun.


Photo Gallery: 25 Rugged Ruger Revolvers

Ruger revolvers are famous for their strength and durability. From the new Gun Digest Book of Ruger Revolvers, here are 25 tough-as-nails factory and custom Ruger wheelguns.

Hunting with a handgun scope

Handgun Hunting: Choosing Scopes and Sights

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