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Patrick Sweeney is the author of many of Gun Digest books' best-selling titles, including Gun Digest Book of the 1911, Vols. I & II; Gun Digest Big Fat Book of the .45 ACP, Gun Digest Book of the AR-15, Gun Digest Book of the AK and SKS, Gun Digest Book of the Glock and Gunsmithing: Pistols and Revolvers, among other titles. A master gunsmith, Patrick is also Handguns Editor for Guns & Ammo magazine.

Only Colt makes M4s, and only Colt can call an Armalite-designed, direct-gas impingement rifle an AR-15. Forget that at your legal peril.

Who Made My AR?

A quick briefing on a subject that consumes entirely too much bandwidth in arguments, web forums and gun shop debates: who really made your AR? Simple. Lots of people, and not always the one whose name is on the lower.

A red-dot sight, like this EOTech, can also be teamed up with a magnifying adapter, and thus get you the best of both worlds.

AR-15 Scopes: Magnified Vs. Red Dot

Not taking into account A1 and A2 iron sights, your AR can have one of two types of optics - red-dot sights or magnified scopes. Here's a look at both.

When Glock introduced the .45 GAP, you’d have had to wonder if it really thought through the whole “fat as a G22, but only holds 10 rounds” concept. It seems an odd choice, given the market and its competitors.

What Ever Happened to Glock’s .45 GAP?

The Glock .45 GAP? This one has had me scratching my head ever since I first saw it, back at the 2007 SHOT show. Basically, the round is an engineering double-down on the .40, as in make a .45 that is short enough to fit into a 9mm magazine tube. Alas, it is an...

The Glock 17 (top) compared to the smaller Glock 19 for concealed carry.

Glock 17: Best 9mm for Concealed Carry?

The original, box-stock, vanilla-plain Glock 17 9mm is a wondrous beast. For reliability, comfort, ease of use, soft recoil, and the ability to find extras like magazines and such, it is hard to beat. But is it the best bet for concealed carry?

The G36. Sigh. It could have been a contender … .

Musings on the Single-Stack Glock

Handgunners wonder why their prayers for a true, thin-as-a-1911 single-stack Glock have gone unanswered. Patrick Sweeney explains why.