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New HK45C Storms Through Best Ranger Competition

Take a new pistol out of its box and subject it to field conditions in the hands of some of the toughest, most dedicated men in the U.S. Army and it will either fail the test or pass on its own merits. The HK45C passed.

Shotshell Pressure: How to Avoid Trouble

One hears about several types of pressure, but for handloading there is only one pressure that you truly need to understand, service pressure. Service pressure is the maximum pressure in pounds per square inch (psi) below which you can safely operate your particular shotgun and above which you can anticipate trouble.

Gun Collecting: For Fun and Profit

Gun collecting can be fun and profitable, but if you approach the craft with only a view toward investing, you're likely to have neither in the end. Here's how to get the most out of your firearms collection.


Reloading Equipment for Shotgunners: Manufacturers and Gear

So you’re going to begin reloading. For $250 or perhaps even less, you can get set up with excellent new equipment and buy all of the components you require to begin building your own shotshells. This article will help you get started.