Video: Instructor Zero’s Lightning-Fast Shooting Drills

As his name implies, Instructor Zero is an enigma.

Theories differ about the head instructor of the Italy-based Spartan 360° Tactical Defense‘s background. Some have ventured the guess his abilities were honed as part of Italian reconnaissance. Others believe he was just a regular army grunt that just happens to be able to shoot. Whatever the case may be, Instructor Zero is pretty dang handy with a gun – almost any gun.

The above video from Funker Tactical showcases the instructor’s skills in a number of shooting drills, of which he executes extremely quickly and accurately. The montage is pretty impressive, given the different scenarios and firearms used; the instructor lands center mass with handguns, shotguns and even the venerable AK in a blink of an eye.

While it’s enjoyable to watch someone operate firearms as deftly as Instructor Zero, the video strikes home the importance of incorporating kinetic and situational elements to tactical/self-defense training. The real world is a dynamic place and rarely does danger present itself directly in front of a person, statically, with it’s 10-ring open for a clear shot.

What is also interesting about this video is the stark contrast between it and an earlier one we posted highlighting Russian counter terrorism training. In particular, where the Russians used live bodies down range for some of their shooting drills, Instructor Zero opted for more mundane cardboard cutouts.

While the latter choice produces less thrilling video, I’m sure it is much easier on insurance premiums and the intern pool.


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