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The Sphinx 9mm pistol is well made of the finest materials and exhibits first-class performance.

Handgun Review: Sphinx SDP

The 9mm Sphinx SDP is a product of a desire to produce a world-class handgun, a goal that has been achieved.

Revised bolt handle with detent mark on arm — replaces existing bolt handle Revised (blunt) bolt cap – replaces tapered cap

Savage Arms B.MAG Bolt (17 WSM) Recall Notice

Savage Arms has issued a recall notice on B.MAG rifle bolts (17 WSM) after discovering that the bolt on some B.MAG rifles may inadvertently catch the safety button and slide it forward into the “fire” position.

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Video: Inside Look at the AK-74

If you love the iconic family of Kalashnikov rifles, you’re certain to dig this great slow-motion footage of the AK-47 in action.


Three Gun Myths That Need to Die

Here are three gun myths that need to go extinct. If you have a firearm for personal protection, you need to get serious about learning how to use it.

The Mossberg Flex cranks the classic Model 500 shotgun platform up a notch with the versatile TLS (tool-less locking system).

Review: Mossberg Flex Shotgun

This Mossberg Flex review examines what makes this 12-gauge shotgun so versatile: TLS (tool-less locking system). The Mossberg Flex is a great survival gun.