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Piers Morgan

Hasta La Vista Piers Morgan

From boorish behavior to anti-gun diatribes, Piers Morgan rubbed Americans the wrong way from day one. Mercifully his run on cable news has come to an end with airing of his final show.

gun registration

The Insanity of Gun Registrations, Restrictions

There are some who have been shocked with the reaction of Connecticut and New York gun owners to recently passed legislation. But history shows that when it comes to gun registration and restrictions, noncompliance is the norm.


CT “Assault Weapon” Letter Developments

A letter that hit the internet earlier this week appears to be correct in verbiage, Connecticut gun owners who register their "assault weapons" and "high-capacity magazines" late will be forced to dispose of them or face criminal action. Keep up with the evolving story here.

Newhall Shooting

Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis Ebook Now Available in Paperback

This in-depth study of the 1970 Newhall shooting that left four officers dead offers detailed analysis of the tactics and procedures used by both officers and criminals in the fight, along with diagrams, never-before-seen images of the crime scene and evidence that has never been previously released or discussed.

The FN-15 from Fabrique Nationale (FN). Photo courtesy The Firearm Blog

SHOT Show 2014 New Guns Guide To AR-15s

Let Gun Digest be your guide to the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show with this gun blogosphere roundup of the top 10 coolest new AR-15s and accessories from the show.