Living Ready is a special project of Gun Digest. Through magazines, books and online content, it explores the challenges and triumphs of survival and preparedness for the everyday person. New print issues are published twice per year and available at select newsstands only.

Topics covered include: Training to be suitably armed to survive threats (natural or man-made) against themselves, their loved ones and their community; putting a sound emergency preparedness plan into place; safely storing food, and gathering gear necessary to our survival; growing our own food, and canning and preserving that food; hunting for food, and then preparing and storing the catch; raising small animals such as chickens, rabbits, or pygmy goats; identifying and using natural remedies for everyday problems and chores.

low cookers aren't just for stews and meats. They're also for baking. Here's a survival bread recipe to get you started.

Quick Slow-Cooker Survival Bread Recipe

This survival bread recipe uses a slow cooker (aka "crock pot") instead of an oven. The simplicity of survival bread is what makes this food so versatile.