7 First Aid Tips for Survival Kits

A face shield for CPR

A face shield provides protection for the person administering CPR.


First Aid Tip #7: Laderal Face Shield to Perform CPR

The Laderal Face shield is a non-latex plastic sheet and hydrophobic filter that helps protects you from possible contact with the victim’s face, saliva or blood when performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The Laderal Face shield comes in a package the size of a teabag. It is carried securely in the right cargo pocket in an elastic band inside the pocket.


First Aid TipsThese first aid tips are by no means a comprehensive first aid guide. They offer a good place to start. Before you go out and buy first aid items, become educated in their use first. Applying first aid incorrectly is sometimes worse than doing nothing at all.

GunDigestStore.com offers the U.S. Army First Aid Manual for $9.99. It’s an excellent resource for dealing with a variety of emergency situations.

Apply what you learn from that manual to the information in Build the Perfect Survival Kit. That book offers survival kit tips for creating a personalized plan of action.

Between these two books, you’ll have a better understanding of preparing for and administering emergency first aid.