Bolt Actions

Browning AB3 Stalker Review.

Browning AB3 Stalker Review

Built somewhat on the company’s famed A-Bolt rifle design, first introduced in 1985, the new AB3 seeks to incorporate that same precision and quality that A-Bolt fans celebrate, while eliminating some of the more costly bells and whistles.

The .577 Tyrannosaur by A-Square.

Gun Quotes: A Tyrannosaur That’s Not a Dinosaur

Just in case some mad scientist grabs some pre-ice age DNA and goes all Jurrasic Park on us, the aptly named .577 Tyrannosaur is probably up for the challenge. “Jim Smith, who managed A-Square, says the first question anyone asks about the .577 is ‘What is the recoil like?’ To find out—since neither of us had...

A magazine-fed bolt-action sniper rifle.

Building a Magazine-Fed Sniper Rifle

A removable magazine on a sniper rifle provides one more level of versatility in the field. Magazine-fed rifles allow for faster reloads and for the quick selection of different rounds as the mission dictates. These are good options to have and you are starting to see them appear on rifles like the Ruger Scout...

Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

Coyote Hunting Guns, Setup No. 6

Ranchers and others in need of a tool to control burgeoning coyote numbers will love this handy and accurate semi-auto rifle from Ruger, in today's Coyote Guns, Setup No. 6.

From Mexico, With Love

Obviously, there could be no practical use for a BB gun that used a .22 blank cartridge as a propellant; which meant, of course, Dan Shideler just had to have one.