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Gun Digest Book of the Revolver

Book Giveaway: Feed Your Revolver Obsession

The new "Gun Digest Book of the Revolver" by Grant Cunningham is in, and whether you use your revolver for sport, hunting, competition or self-defense, there's something in it for you.


Wisconsin Concealed Carry Law Now in Effect

After 139 years Wisconsin residents can once again legally carry concealed weapons for personal defense. Gun Digest is commemorating this day with a special store discount on concealed carry items, good through November 10, 2011.

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen and the Wisconsin Dept. of Justice wrote "Emergency Rules" creating CCW training requirement stricter than what the legislature intended.

NRA: Wisconsin CCW Rules ‘Dangerous Precedent’ for ‘Separation of Powers’

Unfortunately, DOJ has chosen to overstep its authority by imposing conditions on prospective concealed weapons license applicants that the legislature never adopted or intended. As part of the Executive Branch of state government, DOJ’s role is to faithfully implement the laws adopted by the legislature, not dramatically change them.


Glock Generation 4 Review

Ask virtually any handgun enthusiast to describe a Glock pistol and you’ll invariably hear words such as simple, reliable, and rugged. With Glock's insatiable quest for perfection, the Gen 4 redesign acheived what we all thought was impossible: An improvement on that legendary perfection.

Serpa Level 2 Holster.

Marine Corps Replacing Nylon Holster in Favor of the SERPA Level 2

Since the 1980’s, the Marine Corps has used the M12 nylon pistol holster. But that design is now being replaced. According to the Marine Corps Times, “Officials say they targeted the outdated M12 holster because so many Marines were paying for modern tactical replacements.”