Deer Rifles

Best loads for deer hunting.

Choosing the Best Deer Loads

In the course of deer hunting over fifty years, Walt Hampton has seen a few deer get shot. Here are his favorite deer loads.

This buck fell to the 175 gr. .308 MatchKing bullet. It was one of the fastest and most dramatic kills the author has ever seen.

Match Ammo for Hunting?

Some continue to question the effectiveness of match-grade ammunition for big game hunting. But are these concerns unwarranted?

Lever actions, like this Rossi, are still very effective for today's deer hunters. In fact, many whitetail hunters prefer a lever gun.

Photo Gallery: 8 Hot New Deer Rifles for 2012

For many parts of the country, gun deer season is here. If you've waited until the last minute to buy that new deer rifle, here are 8 hot choices selected by our sister publication, Deer & Deer Hunting.