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The VersaCarry concealed carry holster is perfect for summer use.

A great summertime concealed carry holster

As the weather warms across the country, and we are hoping that will be very soon here in Wisconsin, concealment garments tend to get small and lighter. That means hiding your concealed carry handgun can be more of a challenge. A new product on the market called VersaCarry can help keep your gun hidden...

Tag Team a Concealed Carry Holster

While I am a fan of the concealed carry handgun philosophy that reads: Same gun. Same Place. Every day.  I know that honest citizens can’t always strap on a traditional concealed carry holster and head off to do the day’s business. While you should always be discreet with your concealed handgun, sometimes you need...

Kimber Downsizes The Concealed Carry Handgun

When you think of Kimber handguns, you should be thinking of top-quality 1911 pistols. But that does not mean you have try to hide a full-sized concealed carry handgun. One of the more recent offerings from Kimber and one that is available now, is the Kimber Solo, a 17-ounce pistol that is only 5.5...

Newbold Targets - versatile and safe.

Newbold Target Review

Newbold polymer targets are truly versatile and easy to incorporate into any training situation.

Weapons stolen from Los Angeles SWAT.

LAPD SWAT Team Has Training Firearms Stolen

As the Los Angeles Times reported, “A cache of Los Angeles Police Department submachine guns and handguns was stolen…[recently] from a secured building used by the department's SWAT unit, raising fears that the weapons, which police had altered to fire only blanks, could be converted back to lethal use, police officials confirmed.”