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Magnum Rounds: Separating the Real Ones from the Pretenders

It was all so simple, once upon a time. Magnum rounds were few, the guns to chamber them even fewer. Today, that’s all changed.  “Back in the Jurassic era, when I was budding gun weenie, I pretty much knew what a magnum was, and so did everybody else who was into guns. Back then—I’m...

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Firearms Industry Thriving in Idaho

Last month, a dozen members of the Idaho firearms industry met in an event hosted by the Idaho Firearms and Accessories Manufacturers Association (IFAMA) to draw attention to the fact that Idaho has a thriving firearms and firearms accessory industry.

Arizona, A Mecca For Gun Makers

No big surprise that Arizona is a gun friendly state. After all, it made the Colt Single Action Army revolver the state firearm just this year. It turns out the Grand Canyon State is just as welcoming a place for gun makers.

Firearms Freedom Act Introduced in Minnesota

On May 7th, State Representative Tom Emmer [R-Delano] introduced the Firearms Freedom Act, legislation that will protect firearm owners and manufacturers in Minnesota from federal government restrictions on the lawful exercise of Second Amendment rights.

States Beginning to Resist Federal Intrusion

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer signed the Montana Firearms Freedom Act into law. This act basically states that if you build a gun in Montana -- and the firearm stays in the state -- it is exempt from federal gun control laws.

Ninth Circuit Ruling in Glock Lawsuit Correct

Monday's ruling by the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that dismisses a lawsuit against Glock by the victims of a deranged gunman in Grenada Hills, CA was a proper decision under existing statute, the Second Amendment Foundation said.

Gun Protections on Agenda in Utah

New protections for gun owners are on the agenda in Utah, where state Rep. Carl Wimmer is preparing to introduce a bill that would assert the state's sovereignty under the Ninth and Tenth amendments.