Montana Gun Laws


States Tout Pro-Gun Lifestyle to Lure Gun Makers

Recently, states like Idaho, Alabama and Montana have presented a novel argument as part of an effort to lure the firearms industry's high-paying jobs south and west: Gun makers would be happier and more successful among their own — citizens who regularly use firearms — than they would be remaining in states trying to...

Gun Case Defying Feds Heads to Appeals Court

A Montana lawsuit that could undercut the authority of the federal government on issues including guns, marijuana, REAL ID, health care, the national guard, taxes and even law enforcement is poised to move to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

States Beginning to Resist Federal Intrusion

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer signed the Montana Firearms Freedom Act into law. This act basically states that if you build a gun in Montana -- and the firearm stays in the state -- it is exempt from federal gun control laws.

‘Made In Montana’ May Trigger A Federal Lawsuit

Under a proposed law currently being debated in the Montana Legislature, firearms, weapons components and ammunition made in Montana and kept in Montana would be exempt from federal regulation, potentially releasing some Montanans from national gun registration and licensing laws, the Missoulian reported.